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Warranty Registation

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Device Warranty


1. What Does the Warranty Cover?
nanoSTIX only warrants the device and nanopod against defects in materials and workmanship that arise under normal conditions and use.

2. How Long Does the Warranty Last?
With a one-year warranty on purchase, the nanoSTIX device complaint is trouble-free and replaces the faulty piece instantly in place for all faults including mechanical damage.

3. How and where to claim defective nanoSTIX device?
The nanoSTIX complaint can be done in any outlets. nanoSTIX device is exchanged for one piece per piece without more fault detection. To claim a new device, customer would need to register the device via official website http://nanoSTIX.com/warranty/.

4. How do I claim the 7 days stop smoking or money back guarantee?
We are confidence that our product/technology can help smokers to quit smoking since the launching of “7 days stop smoking or money back guarantee” campaign in early 2018. On top of that, with the total sales of 800k units of nanoSTIX in less than two years, this figure shows a positive improvement that Malaysia citizens are leading a good life by quitting the bad behaviour of smoking.

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